What is the difference between the 4-day and the 5-day In-service Instructor classes?
The 4-day In-service Instructor course is the foundation of the Pro-ACT® training and provides instruction and principles related to professionalism, preparation, communication, crisis de-escalation and evasion.

The 5-day instruction combines the 4-day Pro-ACT® course with the 1-day In-service Instructor Restraint certification. In the additional day of training, participants learn and practice principles of restraint.

Can I take the 4-day class now and add the 5th day at a later time?
No, the Restraint Certification course must be taken on the Friday immediately following the Monday-Thursday Pro-ACT® course in which you participate.

How long does my certification last?
Pro-ACT® certification is good for one year and renewable for up to two additional years.

To maintain certification, an In-service Instructor must complete 32 hours of Basic in-service instruction within the facility in which he or she is employed during the first twelve months of certification. If an In-service instructor is also Restraint certified, he or she must conduct an additional 8 hours of restraint training.

If the required amount of training is completed and the documentation identified in Appendix B of the Instructor Manual is submitted as required, certification is extended for an additional 12 months. This process can occur for two additional years, effectively renewing certification for a total period of three years. After three years, a certified In-service instructor must be recertified.

Can I arrange for a Pro-ACT® training inside my facility?
Pro-ACT® makes training available through open registration and contractual agreement. Open registration training dates can be found on the website.

Organizations interested in arranging a Pro-ACT® training for employees of their organizations are welcome to contact the Pro-ACT® office at the address or phone number listed below or by sending an e-mail to info@proacttraining.com.

How long is the training that I conduct in my facility?
The in-service instruction delivered inside an agency is 16 hours for Pro-ACT® certification plus an additional 4 hours for Restraint Certification.

Who should be Pro-ACT® certified?
The answer is determined by each individual agency or organization. Many choose to train and certify all of their personnel, while others limit certification to those persons with direct care responsibilities. In some situations, regulatory bodies clearly define requirements for training.

Since the development of the Pro-ACT® principles more than 30 years ago, professionals who have been trained include, but are not limited to, child and youth care workers, recreation therapists, nurses, nurses’ aides, psychiatric technicians, mental health workers, teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, security personnel, corrections officers, social workers, psychologists, and physicians.

Anyone working in a treatment setting where there is a potential for violent behavior is a qualified candidate for Pro-ACT® certification.

How should I dress for the In-service Instructor training?
Participants should wear comfortable clothing that provides full coverage and allows for ease of movement. It is essential that shoes be flat with closed toes, closed heels, and non-skid soles. Persons who do not comply with the dress code may be excluded from participation, jeopardizing their own certification.